Terms of Service

Zefina Invest AG

February 6, 2019 - Version 2.0

Zefina Invest AG, Zentralstrasse 54, 5610 Wohlen (hereafter " Zefina ") has an application developed and operates this business for the commercial trade in used cars (hereinafter " Zefina App "). Zefina provides her services in the Zefina app (hereafter
" Services ") exclusively based on these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as " GTC "), available at [www.cartrades.ch]. In connection with the In addition, data protection is subject to the current data protection declaration, which is available at [www.cartrades.ch] can be retrieved.

1. Scope of the Terms

These terms and conditions govern the business relationship between the customer (users of the Cartrades app) and Zefina and apply accordingly to the contractual use of the services with all Functions and contents by the customer. The customer acknowledges the applicability of the These terms and conditions by a corresponding consent in the context of registration.

2. Subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is the use of the Cartrades app and the services by the customer. The customer opens a digital account with Zefina. The customer can use this account Vehicles to be sold at auction by other professional car dealers
offer for sale and send appropriate offers. The customer is in Decide who, and at what price, he wants to sell the vehicle effectively in the end, free.
At the same time, the customer has the option of offering his own offers on vehicle offers from other customers submit. In this case, the customer is not entitled to the tendering customer on acquisition of the vehicle, even if the customer within the auction period the highest Purchase price has offered.
Zefina always strives for unrestricted usability and availability of services, however, can not guarantee the security. The customer acknowledges that the Access to services from Zefina's technical or outside the sphere of influence occasionally limited or completely interrupted.

3. Privacy

Zefina is subject to its processing and use of personal data Customers to the federal law on data protection and the associated ordinance. you agrees to provide the customer data through appropriate and state of the art technology appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized access by third parties. Continue Zefina undertakes to provide the customer data exclusively for the purpose of processing the To use the contractual relationship and to use the customer data for no other purpose or to pass on to third parties. In the context of data protection is also on the respective current privacy policy, which can be accessed on [www.cartrades.ch].

4. Rights to the Zefina App

All intellectual property rights to the Cartrades app remain with Zefina. The customer buys Within the framework of the contractual relationship, only a non - transferable, non - exclusive right to Use of the Cartrades app and the services offered above.
The customer has the right to use the Cartrades app on one for his own use on one or several mobile devices owned by him.

5. Fees for services

Zefina introduces the successful placement of vehicles using the Cartrades app Fee in bill. The applicable fee rates are in the fee overview which can be found at [www.catrades.ch]. Zefina prefers, the appropriate fees at any time. The customers are over appropriate Adjustments informed by a message on the Cartrades app. The new regulations apply if approved by the customer within 30 days of receipt of the notification Contradiction occurs. A mediation of a vehicle has been successfully accomplished when for the vehicle over the Cartrades app is auctioned, at least one offer is received and within 90 days of the auction, the acquisition of the vehicle by a customer which has submitted an offer within the auction period.
The customer receives an electronic invoice for the fees charged by him Cartrades App can be accessed. The customer is responsible for proper storage responsible for the corresponding invoices.

6. Payments by the customer

The customer has to pay the fees incurred at the time the claim arises settle. Settlement can be made by credit card payment or via
Advance payments are made in accordance with the following provision.
The customer has the option of making deposits in favor of his user account at least CHF [50] per deposit, which is in the form of electronic Credits are credited from which the current fees are then debited

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can. The maximum amount of the respective credit is limited to CHF [5000]. The ones from Customer deposits are not interest. The deposits made by the customer can only be used by the customer for the purchase of services. A refund the deposits to the customer are excluded. In the case of a resolution of the Contractual relationship has not yet forfeited through credit fees and will not refunded to the customer. The customer credit expires in addition, if the customer the Cartrades app not used for more than 24 months (no logins in the User account), even if no termination of the user account occurs.

7. Liability of Zefina

Zefina is liable to the customer only for direct damages, which are due to intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty by Zefina. The customer is obliged any problems in using the Cartrades app immediately to Zefina to report, so Zefina can fix the problem. For an interruption or limited availability of Cartrades app or services due to technical issues or due to Any circumstances which Zefina is not responsible for, as well as the resulting damages, are each Liability excluded by Zefina.

8. Liability of the customer

The customer is liable to Zefina for any damage caused by the contract Use of the Cartrades app or services. Unless other customers or third parties claims against Zefina based on such use contrary to the contract The customer undertakes to indemnify Zefina in full.

9. Term and Termination

The customer can terminate the agreement with Zefina at any time without notice, by Zefina managed, deleted digital account.
On the other hand, Zefina is also entitled to the agreement with each customer immediately terminate by notifying the customer of the termination of the contract and the customer's access to the digital account locks.

10. Communication and communication

The customer deposits a valid e-mail address when opening his digital account. All communications from Zefina to the customer are either via the Cartrades app yourself or by electronic delivery to the e-mail address specified by the customer. The Customer is responsible for changing the e-mail address to the new address deposited on the user account via the Cartrades app.
The customer can send Zefina messages as follows:
a) By post: Zefina Invest AG, Zentralstrasse 54, CH-5610 Wohlen
b) By mail: info@cartrades.ch

11. Severability clause

The invalidity or unenforceability of one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms not. Invalid or unenforceable Provisions will be replaced by a new regulation that is economically and legally binding
invalid or unenforceable provision as close as possible.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between the customer and Zefina is subject to material Swiss law (excluding conflict of law rules). The exclusive Jurisdiction is 5610 Wohlen. Other mandatory jurisdictions remain reserved